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We are a nonprofit organization focused on introducing the public to individuals who have had life changing spiritual experiences. Folks return from these experiences with no fear of death, more love of others, and changed priorities.  Many times they embrace spiritual or charity work.  They believe they have the unction to share their experiences with others. These talks give hope, comfort and direction to the listener.  Although each experience is different, there are commonalities;  floating above the body, going through a tunnel, meeting loved ones who have passed on, feeling totally loved, and being greeted and embraced by a Being of Light and Wisdom. This realm is felt as being much more real than the earthly realm. It feels like "home." Although by far most experiences are positive, hellish experiences have been reported. Even so, people report being rescued  by the Being of Light.


When We Meet

We will not be meeting for the months of November and December, 2019.  We usually meet the last Saturday of the month at the  James City Co. Library, 7770 Croaker Rd., Williamsburg, Va.  All are invited to attend.  A donation of $10.00 is encouraged, but not required.  Donations are used for speaker honoraria, rental fees for meeting rooms, website expenses, etc. During our meetings we listen to the speakers, give feedback and/or share our personal experiences if we wish, and can ask questions. Occasionally the library is not available, but if not, the location will be included in the speaker information located further down this page. If you have had a Near Death Experience and would like to share or if you have any questions, please call 757-345-2460 and leave a message  for Hope Dillard. I am a counselor so I may be in session. I will call you back.


Thank You

Whether you help through monetary donations, volunteering your time, or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, thank you. We couldn't accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you. 

Dr. Charles Webb

Bio: Chuck Webb is a retired physician with a passion for exploring the out-of-body reality.

 Book Study and Discussion Group, 

January 25, 2020, 11 AM to 1 PM, Held in the Cosby Room, James City Co. Library


Please contact Dr. Webb at hiltonvillage2018@gmail.com if you have questions or are interested in attending.

Bio: Chuck Webb is a retired physician with a  passion for exploring the out-of-body reality and what it says about  who we are as human beings -- we are all part of one universal  consciousness.  Chuck has not had an Near Death Experience (NDE).  He  did have a spiritually transformative experience (a voice invited him to  help work with the spiritual center of existence).  He served in the  Peace Corps in West Africa (Eseka, Cameroun) and worked as a social  worker in Chicago (on the South-side at 63rd and Maryland) before  medical school.  During his medical career of 39 years he encountered  many patients with NDE's -- but lacked the time to pursue what they  revealed.  He  was boarded in internal medicine, geriatrics and  palliative medicine and worked/taught on faculties of the Ohio State  University, the University of Florida, and Eastern Virginia Medical  School.  He helped strengthen programs at the Hampton Veterans Hospital,  start a geriatrics fellowship at EVMS, a community based hospice (a  branch of Odyssey Hospice), and a hospital based palliative care  consultation service (at Sentara Norfolk General.)  After his medical  career he earned a Master of Divinity degree from Union Presbyterian  Seminary in Richmond.  With his medical and theological background he  began exploring near death experiences.  This has included several  theological groups, teaching Sunday school, and reading everything he  could get his hands on.  The Virginia Beach IANDS (International  Association of Near Death Studies) was key to deepening his interest.   His hope is that we can do the same for others as VBIANDS did for him  though our Williamsburg Friends of IANDS.  He is doing research  (reading, studying, exploring, and writing) to deepen his knowledge of  the topic.  He would like to begin writing a book on the topic.  He  recently moved to a continuing care retirement community in  Mechanicsville VA outside Richmond.  This has provided time and a secure  environment to study.  People ask if he is Christian... He sees the  reality of spirituality in all religions but is Christian by tradition.   He recognizes the need to update all faiths with the ongoing  revelations that we are being given.  This should lead to a new  Reformation.  There is a universal divinity met in NDE's.  Each of us  needs to prepare for his or her transition to the spiritual realm.  We  need to learn all we can about this topic as it is fundamental to  preparing for our future.
Nature of the Group: The group will read and study near death experiences from an objective viewpoint, starting with Dr. Moody's book Life After Life.   There are numerous directions we could take and the group will decide  our direction.  Big issues that will certainly be covered include  documentation that out-of-body experiences are a proven fact (hence we  are all spiritual beings trapped in earthly bodies -- and what this  means for our culture and our species) and the fascinating topics of  meeting a figure of divinity (Jeffrey Long's book God and the Afterlife -- meeting a god-figure is amazingly common), undergoing a life review (Pim von Lommel's book Consciousness beyond LIfe -- if such poweful memory bank is stored in the spiritual realm, what  does that say about who we are?) and what is revealed of heaven (John  Burke's Imagine Heaven -- spoiler alert, it''s pretty cool).   Then there are negative NDE's and what may await those who refuse to  embrace love, forgiveness and the spiritual reality, shared NDE's where  people near those dying go with them into spiritual realms, and what  does quantum physics have to say about consciousness and reality.  We  may spend more than one session on a particular topic depending on the  group's wishes.  Chuck will serve as facilitator and present a brief  introduction to each topic.  If interested a summary of a talk given in  October can be sent to anyone interested.

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