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We are a nonprofit organization focused on introducing the public to individuals who have had life changing spiritual experiences. Folks return from these experiences with no fear of death, more love of others, and changed priorities.  Many times they embrace spiritual or charity work.  They believe they have the unction to share their experiences with others. These talks give hope, comfort and direction to the listener.  Although each experience is different, there are commonalities;  floating above the body, going through a tunnel, meeting loved ones who have passed on, feeling totally loved, and being greeted and embraced by a Being of Light and Wisdom. This realm is felt as being much more real than the earthly realm. It feels like "home." Although by far most experiences are positive, hellish experiences have been reported. Even so, people report being rescued  by the Being of Light.


When We Meet

We usually meet the last Saturday of the month at the  James City Co. Library, 7770 Croaker Rd., Williamsburg, Va.  All are invited to attend.  A donation of $10.00 is encouraged, but not required.  Donations are used for speaker honoraria, rental fees for meeting rooms, website expenses, etc. During our meetings we listen to the speakers, give feedback and/or share our personal experiences if we wish, and can ask questions. Occasionally the library is not available, but if not, the location will be included in the speaker information located further down this page. If you have had a Near Death Experience and would like to share or if you have any questions, please call 757-345-2460 and leave a message  for Hope Dillard. I am a counselor so I may be in session. I will call you back.


Thank You

Whether you help through monetary donations, volunteering your time, or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, thank you. We couldn't accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you. 

October 26, Williamsburg iands, Dr. Charles Webb

Commonwealth Senior Living, 236 Commons Way, Williamsburg, VA. 23185, 11 am to 1 pm.


Dr Webb:

My role hopefully will be of facilitator, not lecturer.  I am a student of near-death who has not had an NDE but who has had enough life experience to be able to judge their validity.  I was sensitized to the spiritual realm when a voice spoke to me and asked me to come and work with the asker (who did not identify himself but who has always resonated to me as Jesus).  I was born in 1945 in Lima Ohio, majored in English and chemistry, served twice in the Peace Corps in West Africa.  I consider myself a Christian although one who struggles with how religion has focused too much on the revelations of the past.  Church is a wonderful place to find wounded people seeking truth, to embrace the Holy Spirit, and feel God's presence.  I worked in Chicago as a social worker, was trained as an internist at Ohio State where I did an internal medicine residency and served as an Associated Professor of Internal Medicine at Ohio State for three years, the University of Florida for three years and Eastern Virginia Medical School for twenty-seven years.  Along the way I earned Civil Service retirement from Peace Corps and 17 years at the Hampton Veterans Medical Center.  Before my retirement from medicine in 2009, I improved the Hampton VA Extended Care Unit, helped start a geriatrics fellowship at EVMS, started a hospice (Odyssey, now Gentiva,) and started an inpatient palliative care consultation service at Sentara Norfolk General.  I earned a M. Div. in 2012 from Union Presbyterian in Richmond.  Since 2012 I have devoted myself to small group discussions, reading and studying near death, and adjusting to not working.  I am a member of IANDS and have been attending the Virginia Beach and Williamsburg chapters.  My hope is to distill my grasp of near death and spirituality into a book.  I believe that humanity now has the tools to redefine the pursuit of knowledge into a new dimension.  This whole field is an exciting new frontier of knowledge, one that anyone ignores at their own peril.  We are here from a dimension that is not readily evident.  Our job here is to learn and to serve.  The curriculum is about love and giving to others and respecting the gifts we have been given.  No one has the answers to life except the creator, but God is giving us unmistakable revelations of his sovereignty over our lives. 

Please join us for friendly sharing, discussion, and questions you would like addressed. 

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